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Imagine you gained control of your own thoughts. Imagine it was, after the proper active meditation was put together by yourself with my guidance, that the outside Chaos Beings grew bored and left you? 

Sovereign Imagination Studio Workshops

I offer a day-long workshop, generally lunch is included as I travel giving lectures We meet at 10am, break for lunch and generally finish before 4pm. Often we meet for dinner afterward just to talk about the day and enjoy each other’s company.
None are currently scheduled. Stay Tuned in 2019.


6 Books published and thousands sold 

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I’ve been following Cara’s work for years. I got acquainted with her last year when Randy Maugans and I interviewed her on our show. I’ve had the great pleasure of doing a video series with her this year and was delighted to finally meet her when she invited me to her workshop. The information and skills she imparts are of vital importance to creative humans interested in reclaiming their minds. There is a special warmth of spirit about her that must be experienced in person to appreciate. Cara St. Louis is truly magical. Join her wherever and whenever you can.

Emily Moyer, OffPlanet Radio.

I signed on to take Cara’s
first workshops and I was surprised and challenged by the exercises. I found out a great deal about my own thoughts, and how buried they were! This offering is about more than freedom, it is a rekindling, a reigniting of your spirit, and your mind. Take the opportunity to meet and work with Cara and experience this workshop!

Anne Brown-McCarroll, Tennessee

My story

Cara St.Louis is an American Esotericist and Author turned Activist and Voyager.  Writing and raising children on seacoast Maine became something altogether different on 11 July, 2010, when her mother was run over in the street and killed. A civilian with a high security clearance, her mother’s death launched Cara into the alternative arena with a thousand unanswered questions. The book, The Sun Thief, was the beginning of Cara’s quest for truth.

The Cell Door is Already Open